Avalon Police Department

First Police department in the country to openly accept heroes as Cops and/or deputizing them with limited Law Enforcement powers. Most of the cops treat Supers as “part of the force” and don’t discriminate. They are happy for the help – and that they are helping instead of hindering.

Sheriff Clinton Jones is an outspoken opponent of the “Heroes with a Badge” program and regularly tries to write them up and make them want to quit. On his worse days, he tries to arrest them for abuse and brutality. He has a core group of followers who feel the same way.

With this new addition to the force, it is creating all sorts of legal hurdles. Such as, to what extent is using super powers a violation of an individuals rights? Is a super punch considered excessive force? The lines are being drawn, and the heroes are in the crossfire.

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Avalon Police Department

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