Event Horizon

"Of COURSE it violates the law of momentum conservation! Four-vector formulation only applies to Euclidean quantities! Why are you in my lab?!""


Event Horizon

Strength 0, Stamina 2 Agility 2, Dexterity 3, Fighting 0, Intellect 5, Awareness 1, Presence 1

Crushing Gravitic Field 10 (Burst Area Move Object [Gravity], Limited to Pulling Downwards, Damaging, Concentration)
Alt: Gravitic Field 10 (Burst Area Move Object [Gravity], Limited to Pulling Downwards, Concentration)
Gravitic Blast 10 (Ranged Damage [Force])
Alt: Gravitic Wave 10 (Cone Area Damage [Force])
Alt: Gravitic Burst 10 (Burst Area Damage [Force])
Gravitic Shield 10 (Sustained, Concentration)
Alt: Gravitic Deflection 10 (Deflect)
Anti-Gravity 10 (Flight, Subtle)
Gravitic Immunity (Immunity 2 [Gravity Effects])
Gravity Warp 6 (Teleport, Accurate, Change Direction, Change Velocity)

Chokehold, Eidetic Memory, Equipment 5, Inventor, Ultimate Effort [Intellect]

Expertise:Science 5
Ranged Combat 7
Technology 5

Initiative +2
Gravitic Blast +10, Damage 10
Crushing Gravitic Field +10, Damage 10 +Grab

Dodge 4, Parry 2, Toughness 5, Fortitude 6, Will 5

Power Points
Abilities 28 + Powers 75 + Advantages 14 + Skills 17 + Defenses 17 = Total 151

Accident: Dr. Barlow was a victim of direct exposure to a high energy proton beam when a faulty connection broke on a hadron collider.
Responsibility: Dr. Barlow feels responsible for the earthquake that destroyed the area around Avalon.

Equipment: GPS, Commlink, Datapad, Motorcycle, access to Blackwell International


An up and coming researcher in the field of Scalar–tensor–vector gravity theory, Dr Sheridan Barlow was destined to go places. Having graduated at the top of his class, nobody was surprised when he was awarded grants from Blackwell International to build a hadron collider in Tierra del Fuego.

Everything appeared fine during initial testing, and research began in earnest. During the next few years, the device was pushed to its limits as the mysteries of cosmological phenomena began to unfold. Unfortunately, a coupling failed during one experiment and Dr. Barlow received a high energy blast of protons to his brain, sending him into a coma that lasted for two years.

When he finally awoke, he was floating next to the ceiling. Startled, he fell back to his hospital bed, but an explosion of gravitation energy leveled most of the hospital wing in which he had spent the prior two years. The official reports state that a gas leak was the cause of the explosion, but Dr. Barlow was certain that was not the truth. He spent the next few months in seclusion, camping in the high desert outside Aurora, experimenting with his newly-found powers. Then The Big One hit. Was it just a coincidence that Barlow was at ground zero?

Dr. Barlow now spends most of his time doing research in the labs of Blackwell International.

Vital Statistics:
Age: 34
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair: Copper
Eyes: Hazel

Description: Dr. Sheridan Barlow has an average build, and an unkempt shock of copper hair. He appears to remember to shave ever 4 or 5 days. He wears the same style of white button-down shirt, navy blue trousers, red necktie, and white lab coat everyday so he doesn’t have to waste time deciding what to wear. Or it could be the same set of clothes he wore yesterday. Nobody is really sure. If he’s not in the Blackwell labs, he’s usually wandering the hallways talking to himself since nobody else there really understands him.

Event Horizon

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