The American All-Star


Champion, aka The American All-Star

Strength 10, Stamina 10, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 6, Intellect 2, Awareness 3, Presence 6

Champion Serum
Enhanced Strength 8, Power-Lifting 4
Alt – Shockwave: Affliction 6 [Dazed and Vulnerable, Stunned and Prone; Extra Condition; Limited Degree, Limited to Targets on the Ground; Burst]
Enhanced Stamina 8, Impervious Toughness 6
Enhanced Presence 5
Immunity 1 [Aging]
Flight 8
Alt – Speed 8
Enhanced Senses: Senses 4 [Extended Sight and Hearing 2]

All-out Attack, Attractive 2, Extraordinary Effort, Improved Initiative 1, Inspire 4, Leadership, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Ultimate Effort [Toughness]

Athletics +14, Close Combat: Hand to Hand +8, Deception +6, Expertise: Sports Knowledge +10, Insight +7, Intimidation +6, Perception +3, Persuasion +8, Ranged Combat: Thrown +10, Stealth +2

Initiative +6
Melee +8, Damage 10
Thrown +10, Damage 10

Dodge 8, Parry 8
Toughness 10, Fortitude 10, Will 8

Power Points
Abilities 40 + Powers 75 + Advantages 13 + Skills 14 + Defenses 13 = Total 155

Strange Times: Blake was raised in a different era. He still has to get used to the ways of the 21st century.
Responsibility: Blake holds himself to a high standard and believes his powers should be used to protect American citizens.
Public Identity: The Champion is one of America’s favored sons, but he has no real anonymity.
Nemesis: Hammer and Sickle. A pair of titles owned by Russian super heroes over the years. In the 1950s Champion clashed with them as part of the ongoing battle against communism. The identities of the current pair and whether or not they’re still active is unknown.


Born in the 1930s, Blake Johnson is from a different era and way of thinking. As part of the red scare following World War II, Blake volunteered to be a part of Project Victory that began in 1949 and would end in 1956 with Blake emerging as the American All-Star, the face of freedom against the encroaching communist threat.

As the 50s wore on and McCarthyism set in, Blake began to speak out against the policies being put into effect that encroached on Americans’ rights and certain figures within the government deemed the American All-Star a potential ‘undesirable’.

Unable to move against him publicly due to his overwhelming popularity, the agency that oversaw the program created another (the speedster) to replace the All-Star. When that experiment failed spectacularly, the entire program was mothballed and deemed Top Secret.

Under the guise of a routine checkup Blake was put under cryo-stasis, his disappearance hidden behind a story that he was killed by Hammer and Sickle while on a peace-seeking mission overseas.

Vital Statistics:
Age: Appears 23
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 224 lbs
Hair: Sandy brown
Eyes: Blue

Description: Tall and wide framed, Blake is the picture you’d find next to the definition of “varsity quarterback and prom king” in the dictionary. His costume is a simple red and blue jumpsuit over which he wears his stars and stripes American All-Star letterman jacket.


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